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With the introduction of Neocase, Group Lacasse have revealed the first glimpses at their newest collection that assists in medical settings such as laboratories, doctors offices, patient areas, pharmacies, and other clinical environments. Expertly designed to meet the needs of healthcare locations, Neocase’s capabilities extend much further than just professional applications- places associated with science and medicine such as educational centers, classrooms, offices, lounges, and waiting areas can all benefit from the vastness of what Neocase offers. These specialized casegoods provide all the furnishings needed for specialized activities- lab stations, cabinets, sorting equipment, sinks, relaxation zones, and much more- all unified with a design harmony that pairs high levels of function and form to provide the best tools and environments possible. Neocase’s depth, possibilities, and specifiable details are endless- so take a moment to explore the collection and imagine what it could to bring your environment into the future. When you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you and Lacasse’s Neocase.


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