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JSI’s recently revealed Native collection is here. Native provides many different kinds of pieces that offer style and versatility to your office through a wide array of meeting tables and ancillary pieces. The collection’s clean lines and modern design notes present a well-formed, cohesive suite of useful and functional pieces to assist with productivity and collaboration in the professional environment. By utilizing harmonized design across its tables, media walls, storage pieces, lecterns, credenzas, side tables, and more, the Native collection offers integrated technology and a strong visual presentation while remaining simple and accessible in aesthetic. Through the many specifiable details such as height-adjustable tops and many beautiful surfaces and leg styles/finishes, Native’s versatility allows the pieces to adapt to the needs of the environment, promoting collaboration with each piece in the collection. Purposeful design has gone into each Native furnishing to make each piece play an important role in its environment- a balanced harmony of form and function. With so many different things to offer, Native can be a wonderful addition to your firm- and we look forward to designing something great with you.



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