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Brand new from Safco is the Mirella Collection- a bright and holistic approach to office furnishing that offers workstations, tables, storage, and seating for today’s modern and evolving work environments. Studies show that people prefer to work in offices that are both comfortable and efficient- while working from home or in public spaces can be satisfying and productive, offices that host both open and private spaces that nurture collaboration while providing areas for individual concentration are favored above all other spaces to work. Mirella’s contemporary aesthetic and residential details can transform professional spaces into welcoming centers for productivity- this fully capable suite of light yet bold pieces can outfit the entire office with a cohesive design harmony that provides solutions to all the ways that work gets done. The collection's designs are both timeless and contemporary- and with it’s dozens of offered pieces and just as many customizable details, Mirella can bring your company a whole new approach to working- and we look forward to designing some beautiful spaces with you.



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