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KFI Studio’s Midtown Collection has just grown- the release of the Midtown Bench takes the already excellent suite of tables into further levels of prestige. Featuring strong yet unassuming design lines, Midtown’s tables and benches echo a synthesis of traditional and modern design inputs. The bold silhouette and slightly angled legs on both the tables and benches communicate strength, yet the empty space within and underneath evoke a simplicity and lightness. Midtown's showcasing of rich natural woodgrain is warm and inviting, while focused and capable for efficient, productive work. Available in smaller sizes that can accommodate as few as 4 people, as well as in huge dimensions that can seat up to 10, Midtown’s versatility allows for a suitable integration within a variety of environments and included power capabilities provide even more usefulness. As collaborative surfaces or loose conference zones, Midtown performs well, and is equally suitable as a personal worksurface or a dining platform. Available in different heights, various grains, and with different laminates, the tables can also be specified with contrasting leg colors to better suit their space, and the benches are offered in solid wood or with graded-in upholstery choices, providing even more options to integrate into your environment and be comfortable too. The Midtown Collection’s timelessness can enhance your experience, whether at work or at home- and we look forward to designing something great with you.



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