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Makau & Saddle

Brand new for Spring 2021 is KFI Studio’s Makau and Saddle. Both seating solutions are beautiful, architecturally-inspired designs from Chigago’s Q Studio- their attractive, shaped wooden frames offer short or long term seating that is perfect for collaborative areas within the workplace, and great for other spaces such as group zones within educational environments. Makau’s floating seat design offers a slight bouncing and rocking motion to the user, and easily slides around for repositioning- and stacks when needed. Saddle’s contour is equally interesting- the arched wooden frame pairs well with Makau to offer a dynamic visual atmosphere when paired together. Both Makau and Saddle are offered in either the lightly stained Fog or darker hued Derby, diverse options to pair well with your environment’s existing design. Many upholstery choices are available for the padded seat on both- and we look forward to designing something great with you and KFI’s Makau & Saddle.



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