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KnollOffice introduces Ollo

Continuing a very long legacy of superior furnishings, KnollOffice have revealed Ollo- an ‘everywhere’ chair designed by Glen Oliver Loew. Ollo was created to be able to move freely between tasks, locations, and users, echoing and catering to the spontaneous pace that many working environments operate in today. Similar to many existing Knoll products, Ollo is innovative- the chair is free of adjustments because it has been designed to adapt to the natural movements of who is sitting in it, encouraging a communal experience and disabling the need for each person in the workplace having ‘their’ chair. Featuring ‘Active Pivot’ and “Balanced Back’ technology, Ollo’s engineering results in smooth, graceful automatic positioning and immediate resetting of the back and the seat, responding to the users movements in an ergonomic and natural way. The stable lumbar support offers constant functionality, while the flexible upper back moves with the body. Available with many different options, Ollo can be specified with or without arms, casters or fixed feet, and even with a sleek chrome base. Ollo’s expert design is featured in a huge array of upholstery and material options too, from fun and expressive colors and fabrics, to elegant and professional leathers and monochromatic styles. Big things happen when Knoll deliver new chairs, and Ollo is the newest member to join the timelessness alongside other legendary Knoll chairs such as Generation, RPM, and Life. What can Ollo do to invite opulence and beautiful versatility into your workplace? Our designers are eager to help discover the possibilities with you.



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