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KFI in 2022

KFI Studios continue to release exciting products that enhance our workplaces with functional designs and beautiful aestheticism. Featured here are a few exciting releases that will be unveiled during 2022- take a moment to explore these new KFI pieces and imagine their potential to improve your environment in the new year. When they are released, we look forward to bringing them to your offices and studios.

First up is Alden, a great looking steel and aluminum portable work surface that combines visual lightness with heavy-duty durability without sacrificing the light feel its design offers. By integrating monochromatism with design simplicity, Alden provides an interesting looking yet useful place to perch, and is available very soon- Winter 2021.

Avalon, from Union Design, offers an inviting chaise lounge form perfect for spaces that promote individual study and concentration- the two upholstered planes offer ergonomic comfort while the metal frame promotes lightness and the illusion of a floating, cradled lounge experience. Alden will be ready to join your office in Fall 2022.

Arbor is a minimally designed chair inspired by the comfort of residential environments combined with the beauty of nature. Available with a light or dark Oak frame, Arbor’s uninterrupted flow of crossing wood from its frame and back provides visual serenity while offering a strong yet soft combination of function and form. Available Late Spring, 2022.

Rang Tables will be released in Summer 2022- and their design takes form from the natural bending of the knee. From the always impressive Q Design, Rang Tables bring an exciting and artful shape to collaborative and lounge spaces- the juxtaposition of stained wood and steel belting creates an interesting and well rounded visual experience. Rang will be available in both sitting and standing heights and in round, square, and rectangular shapes.

Plenty of more great products are sure to follow in the new year- stay tuned. And as always, we look forward to designing something great with you and these upcoming KFI releases.


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