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OFS’ extremely successful and well loved Kasura chair collection has grown to include a new member- the Kasura Stool. Featuring the same beautiful and inviting seat contour as the existing lounge, guest, cafe, and executive Kasura models, the Kasura Stool is a welcomed addition to the suite. A lovely synthesis of form and function, Kasura’s plush textiles and interior stitching contrast create intrigue, and the silhouette of the raised stool legs in combination with the seat provides a stunning visual dialogue that is both comfortable and inviting. The Kasura Stool’s ergonomics are just as elegant and confident as its design- the long-lasting incredible comfort is immediately recognizable and continues to cradle the body for a sustained and relaxing experience. Available in many different options, Kasura Stool is presented in a single and a double seat model- the double seat Kasura is an unusual yet excellent design that shows OFS’s willingness to try new things and evolve the idea of seating. Counter and bar height options are offered, as well as the difficult choice between the warmth of many different Ash wooden leg tones or an equally vast spectrum of powder coated finishes. The fabric options for the Kasura Stool are almost infinite, so we look forward to helping design something great with you that expresses the look and feel of your firm. How can the new Kasura Stool enhance your workplace with great design and lasting comfort? Let's discover the answers together.



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