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Today’s office environment is different than what it used to be. Modern offices are energetic spaces with collaboration occurring constantly- so rightly, furniture that can provide flexible, impromptu zones for teaming up and sharing ideas is more important than ever. Enter OFS’ Kaleid- a brilliant solution to on the go meetings and spontaneous idea sharing. Designed by Webb Associates, Kaleid’s free-standing, multipurpose units provide both functional and stylish partitions that allow your team to share ideas in a quickly arranged mobile space. Featuring multiple sized, A-framed pieces on wheels, Kaleid provides the potential for an easy to set up, on the go office. Drawing inspiration from the kaleidoscope, the user has the flexibility to position and arrange Kaleid units in a way best suited for them. Kaleid’s shelves can be specified for media components, storage purposes, marker board attachments, and even to house self-watering planters. The glow and warmth of natural grained wood finish allows Kaleid to remain aesthetically light and delicate, and other design specifications promote Kaleid’s smooth integration into the design already present in your firm. Take a moment to imagine how this innovation could transform your professional space- and when you’re ready, we look forward to bringing Kaleid to your office.


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