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SAFCO presents Jurni- their newest table collection designed to furnish a variety of different environments. Jurni’s universal aesthetic allows the collection to provide useful, professional looking surfaces all over your space- laminate tops and powder coated bases allow a coherent look in all the different areas of your office or educational space. Conference areas, drafting zones, classrooms, training areas, and even break areas/cafes can all share the same design harmony and feel through Jurni’s clean lines and functional design. Sleek and unassuming, Jurni’s profile allows the furniture to help you and your guests focus on the tasks at hand, and the color and finish choices available ensure a fit with your space’s existing design. As an added bonus, Jurni is specifiable in a space-saving flip design- a great feature to minimize its footprint when not in use, but ready to create useful work areas when needed. Take a moment to explore the collection- and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great for your space with Jurni.


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