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National Office Furniture introduces Jovalie- a beautiful new collection of seating to complete welcoming spaces. Designed by Derek Schweinkarth, Jovalie’s unique shapes are intended to provide soft, round forms that ‘create a relatable experience for the user.’ The curvaceous shape is sculptural in form, and creates a casual and relaxing atmosphere through its inviting, round silhouettes. Jovalie is offered in one, two, and three seat models, whose cozy, round presence encourages tranquility and promotes good first interactions for guests in the welcoming areas your office. Perfect for large areas with multiple users, yet equally suited for small nooks, Jovalie is versatile- mobile, static, and swivel bases are possible, and built-in power and data options are too. Jovalie is specifiable in a vast array of upholstery options to ensure a matching aesthetic with your space’s existing design. Take a moment to explore the new collection- we look forward to designing something great with you.


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