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Honey 90*

From the expert designers at Darran Furniture arrives Honey 90*- a new workstation series based on the Best of NeoCon award winning workstation series Honey 120*. Designed by Mark Müller and Christopher Wright, Honey 90*’s innovative design boasts interesting, artful shapes and very practical design- the 55” panel height offers sound absorption and privacy without sacrificing aesthetics. Honey 90*’s design promotes natural airflow with its curved panels, and it's subtle footprint avoids ‘overwhelming’ the larger environment around it. Perfect for the open plan arrangements common in today’s professional environments, Honey 90*'s height adjustable surfaces, power and data management, and wide array of design and material choices culminate in this excellent suite’s provocative design. Take a moment to explore this stunning suite of office furnishings, and when you’re ready, we look forward to an opportunity to bring Honey 90* to your firm.


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