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Variety enables us to choose what works best for ourselves, and our spaces too. Kimball International offers five different brands underneath its umbrella, each with an abundance of fantastic products that, when combined, offer infinite design options. From the expert looking, professional sophistication of Kimball and National furnishings, to the comfortable and minimal aesthetics provided by Etc., clean, modern styles have never been more accessible. Interwoven’s health environment furnishings bring lightness, calm, and durability to healthcare locations, and Poppin’s fun, artful take on easily accessible modern design provides great pieces for all aspects of work environments. All five of these labels are now simultaneously within reach- never before has such a huge variety of industry leading, high quality design been offered together. Finally, the ‘Perfect Harmony’ has never been easier to achieve, with endless goods that can furnish your most personalized work environment possible. Take a moment to explore these excellent labels- and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you.


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