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Brand new for 2021 is Versteel’s latest offering, GeoMetrix. This collection of occasional tables is something truly different- the artful and innovative design is imbued with sophistication and offers an austere confidence to your environment. Inspired heavily from minimalist aesthetics, GeoMetrix features four different shaped tables in five different heights- they can stand alone or be arranged together to form interesting and provocative assemblages that succeed in the pairing of beauty and function. Made of Corian, a smooth, sustainable, and antimicrobial surface, GeoMetrix aims to bring the beauty of geometry into your professional space- these pieces also offer more than just a bold, monolithic design. Each GeoMetrix piece can be specified with wireless or plugged in power outlets, a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and the ability to charge wireless devices, too. Hats off to Versteel for providing such a new, brave, and strong design to our professional spaces- hopefully GeoMetrix is one of many exciting re-imaginings of furniture that we can expect to see more of in the future. Like what you see? We would love to design something great with you and Versteel’s GeoMetrix.



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