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Long established industry leaders OFS present Gathr- an exciting and innovative new approach to the modular lounge setting. Immediately inviting and visually exciting, Gathr’s unique sculptural shape informs the eye of sculptural uniqueness, beautifully combining form and function. Designed by Webb Associates, the sophisticated and artful contour is inspired by the legend of King Arthur’s Roundtable- a setting where each individual holds equal status and belonging. This concept facilitates Gathr as a perfect venue for collaborative activities- guests span the flowing, rounded shape of the furniture and become a part of a greater goal. Gathr’s wide span of modular pieces allow for many beautiful arrangements, achieving as much visual art as providing places to sit or perch while building with the rest of the team. Offered in many wood, laminate, paint and powder coated options, Gathr also seamlessly integrates with many of OFS’ other thoughtfully designed furnishings to provide wonderful spaces that can improve the feel of your professional space- we look forward to designing something great with you and Gathr. 


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