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Fifteen Pods + Fifteen Lounge

New from Indiana Furniture is the exciting Fifteen Pods + Fifteen Lounge collections- great new releases that provide an excellent union of form and function that can benefit a large array of different environments. Designed by EdgeDesign for Indiana, Fifteen Pods and Fifteen Lounge offer contained zones that offer privacy within larger open spaces. Central to their design is the sound dampening properties they offer- conversations can be contained through the use of acoustic trapping and blocking materials that keep dialogue in and external noise out. Featuring a mix of freestanding and modular components, Fifteen Pods and Lounge cater to all sorts of places. From open plan offices to public spaces, lounge areas to cafes and educational environments, the wide array of both linear and curved Fifteen pieces provide functional and aesthetically pleasing furnishings that make focus and concentration possible without the use of dense walls and closed doors. Balancing openness with privacy, Fifteen Pods and Lounge are specifiable in many different sizes, shapes, and configurations, ensuring a perfect balance of visual strength and functional sound dampening. Tons of useful options are possible, including built in power and data, television mounts, and a huge amount of material and finish options that can promote the feel and identity of your business or institution. With so many customizable options and potential to improve your space, we look forward to designing something great with you and Indiana’s Fifteen Pods and Fifteen Lounge.



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