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Fifteen Pods

From Edge Design by way of Indiana Furniture comes Fifteen Pods- an innovative new approach to privacy seating. Inspired by the need for seclusion within today’s open plan office environments, Fifteen Pods offers a setting for privacy within openness. Inviting and attractive, Fifteen Pods’ design provides venues for sound dampened acoustics- keeping noise from the office out while allowing conversations to remain contained. The collection offers many other multi-functional purposes, such as TV mounts and power and data capabilities, and the arrangement for booths by pairing units together. Offered in low and high shapes with single or dual sided pods, Fifteen Pods are specifiable in many exciting colors, fabrics, and finishes, ensuring perfect design harmony with your firm’s existing style. Take a moment to explore the collection, and when you’re ready, we look forward to bringing Fifteen Pods to your firm.


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