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Kimball Office Furniture presents their newest collection of modular, architectural workplace applications- EverySpace. A true reproaching of the way people interact with furniture in the office, EverySpace offers workstations comprised of modern components in thoughtful combinations with the experience of the user at the center. Flexible and adaptable, EverySpace has the capability to scale from single spaces requiring tight footprints all the way to very large, open plan environments- all unified through coherent, modern design. From the designers CSD Studio, EverySpace’s inspiration flows from the central concept that ‘people need to feel inspired within an environment,’ and the collection’s ability to flex and flow with the changing needs of the user takes place through the combination of height adjustable worksurfaces, vertical storage options, acoustic screens, wire management, and much more. EverySpace has already garnered many accolades, including a Silver Nightingale Award and an Interior Design Best of the Year Honoree, demonstrating its great design and user satisfaction in its early reception in offices. Take a moment to explore the possibilities, and when you’re ready, we look forward to bringing EverySpace to you.


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