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AIS presents Encounter PowerBench- their newest height-adjustable benching system designed for today’s modern offices. Encounter’s clean, minimal design pairs with sophisticated ergonomic benefits to provide maximum space optimization in your office. By combining individual height-adjustable worksurfaces with hidden, integrated power and data capabilities, Encounter offers your professional space an opportunity to refine the way your professional space operates. Having the option to raise and lower the bench with the push of a button can provide countless benefits to health and productivity in your workplace, as changing physical positions throughout the day reduces fatigue and contributes to greater morale and well being. Encounter PowerBench is offered in two different styles- the H-leg shaped steel frame that provides a more architectural feel, and the enclosed laminate base for a more permanent look- and both are specifiable in a variety of finishes, colors, shapes, and materials to ensure the proper style synthesis with your firm. Take a moment to explore the suite- we look forward to bringing Encounter PowerBench to your firm.


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