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National Office Furniture’s Eklund collection of lounge seating and tables has arrived. Featuring a wide array of seating for a variety of different environments, Eklund’s grand and welcoming silhouettes offer a fresh approach to areas where people meet and interact, while also providing a new and interesting take on areas for individual study and cozy, sound-dampened privacy. Eklund’s sweeping curves are immediately recognizable and visually refreshing- and inspired by organic shapes found in nature that offer wide open vistas as well as nooks to be sheltered by. Offering something practical for a many spacial applications, the smooth feel of Eklund’s pieces create great centralized zones for collaboration, and the diverse pieces within the collection can span throughout an environment to create a sense of flow through design continuity. Perfect for lounge areas within busy spaces, the multi-seat options and various seating solutions can transform spaces through its unconventional design- and the wide range of acoustic dampening panels offer practical and stylish function. Eklund’s diverse table portfolio pairs nicely with the seating, and like many National products, feature the option of built in power and data capabilities, offering sustainable and useful tech exactly where it is helpful. Eklund can be specified with a huge depth of material and finish choices- and we look forward to the opportunity to design something great for your space this year with National’s Eklund.



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