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Duet, Stream, and Edventure

Global Furniture Group offer some great new products to assist in the reopening of many educational spaces. As classrooms return to regular instruction, these recently revealed furnishings can help promote productivity and enhance learning experiences. Here is a spotlight on just a few of their new products- have a look, gain inspiration- and when the time is right, let’s design something great for your school together.

First is Global’s Duet Tables- a versatile suite designed to pair with their established Duet stacking chairs. Easy to rearrange, Duet Tables can accommodate many different kinds of learning, from regular individual study to lectures and discussions, providing versatility and ease of use that helps classroom learning more exciting through the available color choices.

Next is Stream- an excellent multitasking chair designed to fit perfectly in all kinds of different environments. Many helpful specifications exist for this suite of seating, including the possibilities for tablet arms, casters, footrests, and a fun array of vivid colors that can add excitement to the places people sit in within educational environments. Great for classrooms, offices, libraries, cafes and lobbies too, Stream offers high quality plastic seating that is expertly designed to be durable and dependable for many kinds of settings.

Edventure offers a capable offering of both student and teacher desks, lecterns, and study carrels designed to perform year after year. The clean lines and reliable design can accommodate many different uses- administrational roles, lab purposes, group or individual study zones- all can benefit from the productivity related contour Edventure offers, and built in power and data options make the collection even more convenient and useful.



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