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Global Furniture Group have introduced Drift, their latest in lounge seating solutions. Drift offers an artful take on guest seating, combining plush and inviting shapes with fine tailored details. This combination of form and function results in a comfortable and sophisticated collection of furnishings to accommodate visitors within different spaces within your firm. Versatile enough to be positioned across lounge areas, conference zones, private offices, bar areas, and more, Drift is available in three different back heights and with wooden or metal swivel base options. Each bringing a different feel, this variety allows for the various Drift styles to be positioned around your office, providing a design harmony that can unify separate areas with a greater and more unified aesthetic. Equal parts relaxing and professional, the Drift collection’s inspiration from residential comfort also features plush ottomans and a mix of different side and coffee tables that complement each other’s styles, which can help you create a series of welcoming rooms around your business. Take a moment to explore the collection, and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you and Drift.


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