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Dove + Envi

Darran Furniture presents two new collections that bring both beauty and usefulness to the work environment- introducing Dove and Envi. Dove is a lounge seating collection- it combines the natural aesthetics of walnut and ash hardwoods with molded seating made from recycled materials. Dove’s inviting curvature offers an ergonomic comfort that cradles the body, and its mixture of straight lines and natural forms provides a soothing combination of shape and form that is both soothing to the eye and timeless in form. Available in lounge, guest, and rocking chair shapes, Dove’s capability to enhance your lounge areas, private offices, and other areas around your firm is full of potential. 

Envi is another hybridized release- a thoughtful synthesis of craftsmanship and nature. Offering a pedestal for plant life, Envi’s usage of a chair-like form provides a setting for living plants and a chance to beautify your office with the healing benefits of nature. Envi’s non-intrusive design creates an opportunity to admire the peace and  spacial harmony that nature offers, while at the same time, artfully dividing space around the office. Take a moment to explore both Dove and Envi, and imagine how they might enhance your firm- and we look forward to bringing these collections to you.


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