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Day-to-Day Table Collection

AIS’ Day-to-Day Table Collection offers a very wide range of surface solutions for all kinds of uses. From training, to conferences, group discussions, seminars, classroom uses, cafe applications and beyond, Day-to-Day tables provide the versatility to help accommodate almost any activities that bring people together. Featuring more than 6,500 possible combinations, the Day-to-Day Collection’s huge depth of specifications allows for total customization, ensuring the perfect tables for your environment's needs. Available with top surfaces of many different shapes, sizes, and finishes, bases of all kinds, and lots of edge profile selections- design wise, the sky is the limit. Each table can also utilize helpful internal power and data capabilities, and when needed, can be temporarily or permanently joined together. When not in use, Day-to-Day Tables feature convenient flipping access to allow for easy nesting storage and equally user-friendly access when they are needed again. What can Day-to-Day Tables do to enhance your workplace or educational environment? We would love to help you find out, and design something great with you.



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