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Concept 300

Group Lacasse have brought us a huge array of great office furnishing collections for over 50 years, providing thoughtful, practical, and scalable goods for professional spaces of all sizes. Now they present Concept 300- a versatile and timeless series of workstations designed for private offices and open plan settings. Concept 300 allows you to select and combine the pieces to outfit your business with the essentials to get working- complete with all the high quality materials that we have grown to expect from Group Lacasse. Featuring a wide array of selectable desks, returns, pedestals, storage, and more, Concept 300 provides the sophistication and elegance needed to take your business to a new level of confidence- and at a very competitive price point as well. All of the pieces can be specified in different laminates, and choices between an array of drawer styles, handles, and edge details and more are present too. And conveniently, with Lacasse’s QuickShip Program, you’ll be able to enjoy using your new furniture without a lengthy wait or lead time. Take a moment to explore the versatility that Concept 300 offers, and when you’re ready, we look forward to bringing it to you and your office.


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