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The consistently impressive Rouillard have revealed Coast- their new collection of lounge furnishings that offer a thoughtful approach to collaborative areas within your office. Featuring many pieces that aim to provide comfortable zones to exchange ideas in, Coast has been designed with a contemporary style that promotes a gentle and welcoming atmosphere through its use of curved lines on edges and corners. Within the Coast collection, there is a wide array of both preconfigured and modular pieces that can be personalized to fit the feel of your firm and adapt to the existing design there. Many features are available to make Coast perfect for your specific office- the addition of details such as privacy panels, acoustic partitions and built in shelves allow for Coast’s furnishings to suit your space and facilitate great interactions. Many fabric and material options exist to further personalize Coast’s look and feel, and fine details such as warm wooden legs or modern metal legs offer a fine tuning of the collection to make it just right for your firm's style. With so many great choices to determine, we look forward to the opportunity to design something great with you and Rouillard’s Coast.



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