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KFI Studios have revealed their newest lounge seating solution- Avalon. Joining KFI’s collection of award winning designs, Avalon has already earned both Good Design and MetropolisLikes awards for its paired down, fully ergonomic, sculpted silhouette. Designed by Union Design, Avalon’s strength and beauty is derived from its floating chaise lounge feel, yet its functionality has brought it into more than just relaxing furnishing territory- once within Avalon, your head remains in an active position while your body’s posture finds rest. Perfect for private offices, Avalon’s unique combination of focus and rest promotes productivity while offering a chance to recharge. Specifiable with accessories such as a swivel table and coat hook, Avalon provides a chance to experience a residential-like repose while satisfying the needs that professional environments require, and many fabrics and textures are specifiable to ensure a style fit with your firm. Take a moment to explore Avalon, and we look forward to a chance to bring it to your office.


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