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Arwyn- Spring 2021

JSI’s Arwyn collection of lounge seating has been upgraded with more options than before and the results are excellent. Designed by CSD Studios, Arwyn’s many different pieces are offered with a wide array of specifiable details and can create many kinds of welcoming environments. Form and function synthesized, Arwyn offers many applications- modern and elegant collaborative areas, cozy guest spaces, luxurious, sleek private office zones and more- Arwyn has them all covered. The clean design lines present within all seating and tables included in the collection command attention- the bold and minimal feel they help create is visually pleasing upon first glance. Though exuding an atmosphere of sophistication and confidence, the comfort and residential-style coziness is equally warm and inviting. Arwyn’s pieces can be both single and dual upholstered, and the customizable features can enhance the potential for your firm’s style to be expressed. Details like tufted cushions, built-in hidden power outlets, and arm cap choices are just a few small examples that offer major aesthetics. We are pleased to provide such a great looking collection- and we look forward to designing something great with you and JSI’s Arwyn.



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