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OFS presents Agile- a collection of power and data hubs designed to provide access to you and your coworkers wherever you area in the office. As todays work environments are often ‘nomadic’ and involve working wherever makes sense for the moment and the task, easy and within reach electrical outlets and USB ports should be found all over the professional environment. OFS’s PLD Design solves this issue with Agile- a benching system that workstations, storage, decoration, seating, and more can be built around. Extremely practical without being a cumbersome eyesore, Agile subtly spans all areas of the office without appearing too obvious. Active desk areas, lounge settings, private offices, and many other spaces within the office can all benefit from the useful power ports Agile offers. Specifiable in many different great looking colors and styles, Agile is reconfigurable and allows for a reproaching of how you use the spaces within your office. Take a moment to browse the innovative collection, and when you’re ready, we look forward to bringing Agile to your firm.


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