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Versteel have recently introduced Aerie to their already impressive roster of new products for 2021. Designed by Favaretto & Partners Design Studio, this new series of large-scale gathering and meeting tables utilizes futuristic design influences to provide an impressive and highly capable suite that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. Aerie features an immediately obvious aerodynamic design that creates the illusion of a floating worksurface- the table’s light feel and architecturally inspired top offers centralized power and data capabilities that allow many users to simultaneously stay connected while collaborating. The powder coated top’s seamless wrap around design provides the look and feel of refined, professional focus, and the varying leg contours are available in dozens of great looking colors, sure to match the feel of your firm. Available in lengths between 96-200”, Aerie can invite an entirely new level of sophistication to the office- and we look forward to helping bring it to your workplace.



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