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Global Furniture Group’s Accord is an award-winning seating solution and an established mainstay in private offices, meeting rooms, and many other work environments for many years. Designed for Global by Zooey Chu, Accord delivers the perfect combination of elegance and comfort, pairing support and style in ways that cement its legacy as an established favorite in workplaces worldwide. Featuring a hammock-styled back, Accord provides sustainable ergonomic comfort that cradles the user and reduces fatigue. The exceptional lumbar support allows Accord to remain rigid in just the right areas, assisting in user productivity by reducing the squirmy repositioning of the spine during challenging work hours. Accord is available in a wide variety of specifications, including many upholstery choices- pleated Italian leather, many fabrics/vinyl options, and even with a breathable mesh back that encourages the flow of air to the body. Standard adjustable tilt options ensure a customizable seating experience, and Accord’s clean and simple lines are accentuated by the polished aluminum arms. Many years in the market indicate that Accord is a great combination of form and function- become a part of the timelessness. We look forward to a collaboration with you to specify the most suitable Accord for your professional purposes.



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