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Global Furniture Group begin the new year with Zira- a stunning, full workplace solution that fuses contemporary looks with modern functionality. Featuring a sleek and clean design approach, Zira provides a full array of design options for a variety of different office settings. Zira’s complete system offers the ability to transform spaces with a unified look and feel, integrating wall panels with storage capabilities, a multitude of built-in height adjustable surfaces, and abundant shelving that echoes a milled look previously found in high end, opulent custom furniture. Zira’s efficient design produces a continuity throughout your work environment, creating immediately recognizable professionalism and coherency that unfolds within the different zones within your office. From reception areas to shared, open plan zones, to private and executive offices, conference rooms and collaborative nooks and meeting areas alike, Zira features a spacial freedom that is made possible by an abundance of open space achieved through its light, airy design, yet can also satisfy a heavier, traditional feel with the abundance of styles available. A vast array of pieces are offered within the Zira collection- each with dozens of material, finish, and accessory options to ensure your firm’s personality is expressed within your furniture’s visual presentation. The sheer volume of customizable options establish Zira as one of the most versatile and comprehensive furnishing collections Global have ever offered. Zira provides an opportunity for your firm to transform its look and feel- a great chance to reinvent or refine your business’ aesthetics for the new year- and we look forward to designing something great with you.


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