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Rouillard’s consistently strong releases are always rich with innovative design- Wisp is their latest solution and it continues that thoughtful legacy by offering aesthetically pleasing privacy panels. Though working together within collaborative environments is possible, doing so with safety and distancing in mind is paramount for a healthy workplace. Wisp’s barrier shield design preserves personal space while simultaneously providing areas for people to reasonably come together within larger spaces and work together. Wisp’s self-supporting tryptic design is movable and features upholstered fabric panels that are available in one or two tones- a sensible opportunity to add some color and style to express the feel of your space while remaining conscious of health and social proximity. The non-rigid style promotes comfort without the feeling of confinement, and the option exists for Wisp to include a work surface with power and data options within the shell for further individual productivity inside its nest-like contour. Kudos to Rouillard for producing a modern-minded solution for the current climate, and making a successful effort in beautifying something very practical. We look forward to the opportunity to help invite some great looking and effective Wisp solutions into your environment, assisting in the effort to remain out of harm’s way while feeling adaptive, more colorful, and safer.



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