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Indiana Furniture’s Isla Lounge Collection is more capable than ever in providing great looking, usable spaces for your firm’s lounge environments. A combination of crisp, modern design with inviting and comfortable furniture, Isla’s modular components offer accommodating and versatile spaces for you and your guests to collaborate. Perfect for open plan zones within your office, Isla’s varied settees, sofas, ottomans, club chairs and more can be easily assembled to create attractive, functional coves within larger spaces. Now with a few new enhancements for late Summer ’22, Isla can now be specified with swivel seating, tablet arms, and angled settees- details that elevate the collection to new tiers of functional design. Ganging features allow for semi-permanent set ups, and included power and data ports facilitate practical needs around Isla arrangements. Isla is offered in a vast amounts of fabric, finish, and upholstery options to ensure the proper fit for your firm’s aesthetic- take a moment to explore the depth of the collection. When the time is right, we look forward to designing something great with you and Indiana’s Isla.


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