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OFS’s Heya storage is here. Heya is a beautifully designed suite of furnishings that satisfy the need to hold various items throughout the work day, while simultaneously providing great looking ambiance within your space. As we work within our professional environments, it seems there is a never-ending need for adequate storage options- Heya provides elegant solutions to this situation, offering many different kinds of furnishings that unify form and function with stellar finesse. Meaning “small room” in Japanese, Heya’s looks are unassuming and refined, embodying a visual softness that allows for the creation of subtle, smaller zones within a larger space without the use of walls or other partitions. Instead, the Heya storage collection features many different pieces that help a space diversify its feel- for example, the utility of lockers is met with the beauty of modern design, the function of a side table is enhanced by creative curved lines, and a credenza’s common rectangular shape is evolved to include an interesting extra contour. Making typical and common pieces uncommon is where the Heya storage collection succeeds- reinventing the way we approach our spaces and inviting new style to everyday objects. A fantastic offering from OFS- and a collection that we look forward to bringing into your environment.



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