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National Office Furniture’s Grin is a diverse collection of seating solutions for a wide variety of different environments. Sleek, sharp design meets welcoming comfort, Grin pieces’ airy and minimal leg design give the seating a lightness that resonates within a space- and the ergonomic qualities invite a relaxing seating experience time after time. Whether Grin is utilized as occasional seating or put to use in lounge environments, break rooms, private offices, or even in home settings, the tasteful silhouette offered in the four basic seating styles is sure to provide timeless spacial harmony. Grin’s ‘shapely curves’ produce an ambiance that communicates a desire for comfort, and the low-profile of the seating, it's stitching detail, and the use of the Grin Ottoman provide many reasons to stay seated comfortably and collaborate with others. Available with a wide variety of upholstery options, including contrasting seat/back fabrics, Grin is offered with wooden or polished metal legs- all of which comment that the perfect Grin designs for your specific environment are attainable. Another great collection from National- and we are excited to help you design the best fitting Grin seating for your space.



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