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Jasper Group Brand’s Flux Lockers are a multipurpose offering that can enhance the workplace with usefulness and aesthetically pleasing design. Regardless of setting, there is never such a thing as ‘too much storage space’, it actually seems like the opposite- that there is never quite enough. Introducing Flux, JSI’s versatile solution to adequate storage enhanced with many other capabilities too. Aside from a place to put things while not in use, Flux’s multipurpose design has been thoughtfully crafted to feature other purposes such as bench seating as well as an innovative room dividing partition. The sheer volume of the locker-storage style has so much area that it can be used as bases for worksurfaces and as shelving for display items. Flux can be specified with many different dimensions, finishes, styles and features, including digital locks and a wide variety of great looking pulls and feet options. What can Flux do to provide a myriad of usefulness to your office? We look forward to designing something great with you.



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