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The always impressive Rouillard introduces the Blok Collection- an excellent and versatile offering of lounge furnishings for a variety of different environments. Strong design lines inspired by architectural building blocks combine to form adaptable community zones within greater spaces, perfectly suited for collaborative areas, lounge spots within the office, lobbies, educational spaces, and more. Blok features durable one, two, and three seater pieces offered with or without backrests, and each unit has been designed with the square shape as its basis- a shape that allows for a geometric approach to positioning and encourages an easy reconfiguration of pieces due to their symmetrical footprints. Many options exist to ensure the perfect Blok pieces for your environment- the benches, chairs, and corner seats can be pre-configured to assemble as islands, small group zones, and cozy relaxing areas, and the options of high-back pieces invite added privacy. Each unit can be specified with power ports too- allowing extra utility and usefulness within this thoughtful collection. The wide array of upholstery selections further strengthen Blok as a wonderful and elegant collection that can surely add new levels of sophisticated design, comfort, and productivity to your professional environment- we look forward to designing something great with you with Blok from Rouillard.



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