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Group Lacasse’s Nex is here to enhance and complete your professional office environment. Multipurposed, artful, and practical, Nex offers a modern and unique approach to casegoods- geometrically shaped pieces combine in thoughtful ways to form assymetric yet balanced systems around your firm. Nex is modular, allowing the many pieces in the collection to be combined to form work areas that satisfy your specific needs- floating work surfaces, abundant shelving, benching, hidden storage options and more all come together to provide both efficient and coherent design that can scale across all areas of your office. From open plan layouts to private offices, Nex’s sophisticated combination of materials and textures offers a timeless and even futuristic style set that can transform your workspace into new and acute levels of successful, modern design. Take a moment to explore the collection, and we look forward to bringing Nex to your firm.


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