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OFS expands their impressive roster of collaboration focused lounge furnishings with Hex- a brand new collection of honeycomb shaped pieces that offer a different approach to seating in workplace and educational spaces. Inspired by the desire to create new and interesting places to trade ideas with other people, Hex’s geometric shape provides a fresh take on meeting spaces- the six sided pieces can be easily arranged in many unique configurations that can fill collaborative areas with interesting shapes, aesthetically providing a changing visual landscape that invites creative thoughts and conversations. Hex’s ottoman pieces are offered with or without backrests, and with the option of contrasting fabrics for an enhanced, eclectic excitement that can bring lots of different colors, patterns, and combinations to your environment. Optional short or tall walls can be included for even more visual texture to Hex arrangements, and integrated power options are offered for additional practicality. Imagine the new kinds of energy Hex might bring into your space- we look forward to designing something great with you.



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