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The always sophisticated Rouillard present the Ema Collection- a superbly designed suite of angular-designed lounge furniture that can bring quite a bit of flare to interior spaces. Featuring many different pieces all united through consistent, stylish design, Ema offers substantial comfort that is directly inspired by the coziness of home environments. By channeling warmth and an inviting presence, Ema’s loveseats, three-seaters, swivel chairs, and guest chairs are the result of high levels of design expertise that work well all around the workplace, from guest areas to conference spaces, from break areas to as private offices. All of Ema’s pieces are available in a wide range of beautiful upholstery choices, including gorgeous leather and velvet options, and the seating is offered with wooden or metal legs. Paired with some of Rouillard’s fantastic matching side tables, your professional space will exude elegance while remaining charismatic- a delicate mix that only great furniture can achieve. We look forward to designing something new with you and Rouillard’s Ema.



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