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Scandinavian Spaces presents their latest in sound dampening solutions for the modern office- Arc. Reducing noise in the workplace, Arc offers an artful approach to managing sound to increase an overall calm and focus in the professional environment. Common noise is unavoidable where people work, yet research has found that sound-dampened professional areas contribute to greater concentration and productivity. Featuring acoustic panels aesthetically inspired by the stonework prominent in the Roman Colosseum, Arc’s classic yet modern appearance combines form and function to provide a great looking and useful way to lower the overall clutter of common office noise. Comprised of recycled materials, Arc’s magnetically installed panels can be arranged both vertically and horizontally to produce beautiful, practical forms in your firm. Arc is available in many different neutral colors and various textures, ensuring design harmony with your firm’s existing style. Take a moment to imagine how Arc might enhance your workplace, and when you’re ready, we look forward to bringing this collection to your office.


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