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AIS’ Oxygen benching system is a fully integrated furniture solution for open plan offices that has provided a high level of functionality and timelessness for many years. Not a new system, Oxygen has been able to sustain its role as a workspace mainstay for many reasons- it’s streamlined elegance and generally light visual footprint have excelled in furnishing many different office environments, leaving little to be modernized or improved upon. Oxygen’s wide variety of standard and optional features have cemented its usefulness over time- the signature spine that houses much of the power and data needed to provide working tools to people in the office have been designed so well that functionality to the user hasn’t been in need of upgrading. The vast array of desktop surface materials, glass and other screen dividing partitions, and integration with other AIS products such as the Calibrate storage collection have all helped to provide Oxygen with the legacy it deserves- one of the greatest open plan benching systems ever created. We look forward to the possibility of designing your office’s new Oxygen system in the new year- we are here to help.


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