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Zetti Collection from Rouillard

Rouilard’s new Zetti Collection has been revealed and it is filled with superbly designed tables for a variety of purposes. Inspired by a mid-century modern influence, the Zetti Collection’s aesthetic offers strong design that communicates high style and professionalism. Different approaches to furnishing solutions are featured here within the collection, including the Zetti Double, Nalto, and Fit, all which offer something unique to the environments they serve. The Zetti Double has a huge variety of options, including geometric tops or more asymmetrical water drop shapes, and can all be specified in lounge or working heights, opening their capability for conference, lounge, and desking options, and the dimensions and leg style choices are equally abundant. Zetti Nalto is a counter/bar height offering, aimed at collaborative spaces and offered with sleek rounded rectangular, square, or circular tops in a variety of materials and finishes. Nalto’s footrest invites a welcoming atmosphere, and the strong design lines present quite a bit of versatility as a gorgeous discussion piece yet fully capable for getting collaborative work accomplished. Lastly, Zetti Fit is the media-oriented offering within the collection, featuring a work surface that continues to a panel for a television to be mounted on. Eliminating cable clutter and maximizing area with a small footprint, Fit is an elegant solution to the need for tech in your workplace, and the wooden legs and knife-edged tops assist in beautifying the experience of videoconference calls and other necessary screen-based objectives. All in all, the Zetti Collection is a fantastic offering of thoughtfully designed tables that can surely refine your professional space and add beauty to experiences around your office. We look forward to collaborating with you to discover the best Zetti options for your office.


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