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Sas Collection

Global Furniture Group have revealed a new seating collection- introducing Sas. Featuring a wide variety of side chairs and stools, Sas’ visually rich woodgrains and gently shaped curvature invite coworkers and guests to pull up a chair. Great for everything from waiting areas to cafeterias, break rooms, and meeting spaces, Sas is offered in an impressive spectrum of gorgeous finishes, all of which focus on the wood’s natural beauty. From Maple to Cherry to Mahogany and many grains inbetween, the great rainbow of hues all provide elegance and natural beauty in style and form to your environment. The Sas Collection includes stackable side chairs, counter stools and bar stools- each in a mid or low back model- and in a variety of different height options and with optional upholstered seats. With so much variety present, Sas can be a high performer within your environment. Paired with other Global pieces like the Zira or Corby tables, Sas can lighten up your space and stay in style permanently. We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you and the Sas Collection! Let us know how we can help.


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