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Introducing LeanTo from OFS

Recipient of a Gold Award for Contract Magazine’s Best of NeoCon 2019, LeanTo is OFS’ new seating solution for the workplace. Designed in effort to provide an escape from the busy places within an office, LeanTo offers a private zone for people to talk, rest and recharge in. Similar to out of the way areas in a building such as stairways, nooks, and alcoves, LeanTo was created to provide an escape from the daily commotion and a chance to feel the comfort and clarity associated with privacy. LeanTo was designed for OFS by Webb Associates, who’ve produced many of OFS’ great collections in the past. Created in attempt to feel like it was always a part of the space it occupies, LeanTo provides a great place for small groups to give their attention to each other as well. Available in many different orientations, LeanTo is also highly customizable, with many options and choices about colors, styles, and material options. Built in power and data capabilities further create a cozy incentive for anyone who seeks refuge from the office, and many other OFS products can easily combine with LeanTo to create wonderful aesthetic environments. Like what you see? We look forward to the possibility of helping you design a LeanTo space within your office.


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