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Voi Collection

Brand new from HON is the Voi Collection- an expressive new suite of office furniture that has personalization built into its design. Featuring tops of many different sizes, an array of leg and other support styles, storage cabinets, hutches, and layered shelves, Voi is filled with the potential to achieve the most fitting combination of furniture, color, and style for each individual user. Built into the Voi Collection is the concept of being able to easily change working positions during the day- different surface heights are featured to keep the work day feeling fresh and new. Accented colors play a huge role here- they offer the capability to express the user’s personal preference and/or to harmonize with your firm’s brand aesthetics. Shared spaces are also highlighted for maximum collaboration- Voi’s consistent look allows for many team-up positions to occur around the office without feeling cramped or cluttered. Take a moment to explore this wonderful new collection from HON- and envision what it can do to transform your workplace. We look forward to designing a great new space with you!


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