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Neom Collection from Carolina Furniture

Waiting area furniture plays a very important role in a business. A guest’s experience in your office’s waiting room sets the tone for everything else that is going to follow- so by providing adequate seating that promotes the comfort and relaxation of your guests, their experience is off to the right start! Enter Neom, Carolina Furniture’s new seating solution for public spaces. Able to transform over time, Neom is modular- adding more pieces for growth or rearrangement is easy and convenient. Neom’s wall-saving design allows more seating to be possible in a space, and many different Neom styles and configurations are possible for maximum seating efficiency. The Neom Collection features many options, such as armless styles, upholstered arms, and metal arms- and many upholstery choices exist in addition to the possibility for veneered or laminate backs. Neom is able to be combined with many different Carolina and OFS products, offering many different tables and other seating styles that can provide harmony through unified design in order to provide the best waiting area possible for your business. Curious how Neom might improve your environment? We look forward to hearing from you and designing something great together.


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