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Introducing Thea- Versteel’s new table that has just been revealed. Designed by Roberto Lucci, Thea’s strong design lines combine modern furniture aestheticism with very practical usability- two or four USB ports connect to the table’s base and are hidden inside of the curve of its hairpin-styled anodized metal legs. Designed for spaces that encourage gathering and meeting, yet also aimed for areas promoting individual study, Thea’s “Artistic sensibility (is) built to fuel productivity.” At a fixed 30” height, Thea’s progressive design is available in both square and round top options and in a variety of different sizes. Ash, cherry, maple, walnut and Corian surfaces are possible, as are color choices for the metal legs. A wonderful pairing of fashion and function, Thea can make a strong design statement within your environment while assisting in getting tasks accomplished. Want to learn more? Contact us and we can design something great together with Thea.


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