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Staende Collection from Nevers

Nevers catalog of sophisticated furnishings is consistently impressive, and now with the release of their Staende Community and Communal Tables, their legacy has grown into new levels of distinction. The Staende Collection offers an architectural take on the classic meeting table- strong lines meet at several junctions to provide an elegant yet commanding series of furniture. Extremely varied designs are offered, as Staende is available in lengths from five to twenty feet long, 24-48” depths, and in 30”, 36”, and 42” heights- there is a wide range of applications for Staende Tables. Collaborative spaces, small or large meeting rooms, university usage, drafting applications- all environments can benefit from the great depth of Staende pieces. Each design features very high-quality materials, as conventional wood veneer with glass and Corian are standard in the collection. Straight or tapered leg choices add even more feel to the Staende Collection, and other options exist as well, including power/data capabilities on top or in apron position, mirrored aluminum details, caster options, and even dry-erase compatible surfaces. The Staende Collection can certainly do a lot to improve an environment- what might it do for yours?

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